A piece of my work of Art

So here is a small clip of my novel that I am doing:

Alexander walked down the halls on Monday morning hoping that everyone forgot what happened on Sunday. Everyone did but her. She would never forget or forgive Alexander. She would never forget because she would never see another day and she would stalk him for the rest of eternity. Her name was Shelly. She had a good life and perfect boyfriend and friends that were supposedly meant to help. She lived her so called happy life for 16 years till she was cut short. She was never meant to be killed but someone else also died with her.

Shelly lives in this person’s body but notices how they treat her differently. She gets nasty looks and called names. She’s in Japers body a dorky 16 year old girl who lives behind books and hidden secrets. Shelly or Japers walked up to Alexander who put a flirty face on when he saw her. “Hey Japers how’s life my little demon” She gave him and annoyed look “I’m here to talk Mr. Im so sneaky killing girls.”  He looked around quickly and said “SHHHHHH” he took her by the arm into a closet “what are you talking about”

“Sorry don’t you remember you stupid prank that went sour.” She glared him down.

“You’re a freak don’t know what you’re talking about” he shifted his weight from one foot to the other. “I thought you died because you passed out in the water.”

“Don’t you know that their underwater caves” She grabbed his collar “Tell me why you killed Shelly that way?”

She imagined her Shelly’s body with the jack’s stick stuck in her chest “What did she do to you”

Not much but its just a way to entertain myself and help my wordbuilding grow. xD



Being the average Gamer

 Im a gamer but dont like to admit it to alot of my friends. So if stuff from games come out my mouth about Grand Theft Auto  or Black Ops: Call of Duty they give me all weird looks and say “Where did you get that from” or  “Your so weird”   which hurts my feelings. *sniffs* not very nice. So here is were the true gamer can express herself. So as a gamer here Im going to talk about well games. 

All of my games are battle, movie, and other random games. They work with the Xbox and Wii only till the Wii broke so just the Xbox. Sometimes I bring a friend over and we play long hours trying to pass missions. *laughs* We have a blast all the time.  Having  a fun is the only reason I play but sometimes its just to play it or get out of a chore I have to do.