Wilmington Beach

I had the best time at the beach. Me and my family went to a Battle Ship Muesuem and to the beach of course. DUH! Also to an Aquarium and lots of other beach stuff. I made a sand Castle but turned out to get washed out when the tide came in.  Went scavengering for sea sheels. Ran around chasing seagulls. Got cut a bunch with the sticks that stuck up from the ground. OUCH.

The BattleShip

The Battle Ship was a fun World War II Ship. We walked around it for housrs walking in and out of  Ship mates rooms. We went to the captians room, the cafetireia, the kitchen, the mini church they had, the mail room, the snack bar. So many fun things to do their. We also took many pictures of the whole ship and the anchor was huge . So many things in the gift shop too.

Anyway the beach was great got a not really needed sunburn still I got a tan and did so many other fun things.


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